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Ranks the average improvement for the team for this test.

Canada Wide - 900 foot run (Time ( - 13 Results

# Team Name Age Group Gender Province Entered by Improvement
1 Stratford Athletics 10U Boys M PE Adam Smith 31.43 seconds
2 Vimy Vipers 10U 10U Boys M AB Eric Smith 16.29 seconds
3 Raiders 10U Boys M NL Todd Powell 7.95 seconds
4 Saskatoon Cardinals 10U Boys M SK Justin Hofmann 7.49 seconds
5 Rookie Junior Voyageurs 10U Boys M ON Claude Depatie 5.84 seconds
6 Rookie Junior Voyageurs 10U Boys M ON Manuel Tavares 4.17 seconds
7 Yorkton Jr Cardinals 10U Boys M SK Tricia Klassen 3.10 seconds
8 10U-Phantoms 10U Boys M NL Keith Ball 1.71 seconds
9 Asahi 10U Boys M BC Manabu Ogawa 1.48 seconds
10 Flyers 10U Boys 10U Boys M NB Darren Gallant 1.25 seconds