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Ranks the scores of the athletes for all tests combined. This score first ranks the athlete for each test, then combines the ranks for a final score.

Canada Wide - 63 Results

# Athlete Team Age Gender Province Entered by Rank
1 William Church Major Pee Wee Junior Voyageurs 16 M ON Andre Perron 32
2 Justin Dandeneau Major Pee Wee Junior Voyageurs 17 M ON Andre Perron 91
3 Eric Hartman Alberta Boys 17 M AB Brian Hartman 113
4 Owen Perron Major Pee Wee Voyageurs 16 M ON Jean-Gilles Larocque 124
5 Isaac Neufeld NB Beavers 17 M SK Natasha Nichol 128
6 Ethan Pittman Oil Giants 16 M AB Dion Barry 141
7 Hudson Staudinger Oil Giants 18 M AB Dion Barry 152
8 Max Arnold Major Pee Wee Voyageurs 17 M ON Jean-Gilles Larocque 159
9 Tyler Mukai SV Falcons 16 M BC Moto Mukai 162
10 Michael Szpak Oil Giants 16 M AB Dion Barry 185